e4e10f_7a21d6d40226438dae52f4d194c280b1.jpg_srz_p_375_483_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Faride works as a freelance photographer.

She is a passionate Colombian who expresses her artistic imagination through photography. From a young age, Faride drew inspiration from the beauty of her surroundings. As a little girl growing up in Cartagena, she began capturing images of expansive jungles, sun-soaked beaches, and the vibrant streets of the colonial old city, as well as portraits of the colorful and diverse people who filled the city.

As a visual artist with an eye for beauty, Faride has applied her talents across industries; she is regularly sought out to lead advertising shoots, to produce audiovisual presentations, and to capture portraits of places and people. Her work has been featured by companies including Nike Running , Proexport, Fontur, Visa, Listerine, Banco Falabella, Lubriderm, Cromantic, Ministerio de vivienda in Colombia.